Capital Waste
Frequently Asked Questions
How will I know which skip is right for me?
Easy, just give our office a call and ask our friendly staff. After a brief description of what you need a skip for, they will be able to give you a size that will suit you. Alternatively see our skip sizes.
Are you allowed to put anything in these skips?
Almost… we don’t accept any kind of flammable liquid or asbestos. These items require specialist disposal and should be handled with care. Please visit Environment ACT – Hazardous Chemicals Fact Sheet for more information.
Are there any hidden cost when hiring a Capital Waste skip?
Not with us. When we give you a price for one of our skip… it’s all inclusive, there are no hidden extras!
What if I want to put fill the skip with soil or concrete?
That’s usually not a problem, but may incur an extra charge because of the weight. As mentioned above, this is all discussed and included at the time of booking provided you can let us know that is what you want the skip for.
Loading Skips
Skips are to be loaded level to the top ONLY. Overloaded skips will not be taken away until levelled.
Can you place a skip on a public road or in a reserve?
Yes, however there are conditions. The only time we can place a skip on a public road is if it a Loading Zone and there has been a permit obtained from Roads A.C.T. as well as the necessary warning lights around the skip. The only time we can place a skip on a reserve is if we have written permission from that local Council.
What payment methods do you accept?
See our payment methods page for more information.